Service Contract Terms and Conditions

Please complete the form below to make a stallion reservation with Meridian Farms. Requests can be sent to us online (by clicking Submit below), or by printing this page and sending it by fax or regular mail. We also accept service applications by telephone:

In Western Canada, call Terry McIsaac - cell: (403) 606-1541

In the Maritimes, call Ron Gass (902) 566-2548.

Mare's General Information:

Stallion Booked To Service Fee:

Name of Mare Tattoo#

Colour Year Foaled

Markings (include freeze brand):

Mare's Pedigree Information:

Sire of Mare:

Dam of Mare:

Sire of Dam:

Mares Race Record:

Trot Pace Earnings

Owner Information:

Name(If more than one, name one representative for billing and correspondence)

Home Phone: ( )

Business Phone: ( )

Fax Number: ( )




Prov. / State:

Postal Code / Zip:

Mare's Breeding Record:

Maiden mare?

Has the mare ever had a reproductive tract infection, a difficulty foaling or any other breeding problem? If so, please describe in the box below...

Name of stallion bred-to last season:

In Foal?

Date last bred:

If mare is in foal, due date is:

If mare has already foaled, date of foaling was:

If mare was not bred last year, the reason is
or other:

Name of stallion bred-to two seasons ago:

Name of stallion bred-to three seasons ago:

Anticipated or preferred date/time of breeding:

(if yes, check box and complete the following:)

Veterinarian who will be performing mare preparation:



How many hours of transportation are required from Meridian Farms to mare location for insemination? hours.

Air Flight Requested? Yes No Shipping Address

Recievers Phone Number:

How will the semen be transported?
Equi-pak Equitainer Equine Express II

I hereby apply, based on the information supplied above and the conditions above, for a booking to the above named stallion for this mare, and if such booking is approved by Meridian Farms, it shall become a contract between us.

Name of Owner:



Atlantic Canada:

Dusty Lane Farms
Cornwall, PEI

Ron Gass
Cornwall, PEI
Tel: (902) 566-2548
Email inquiries to Meridian Farms


Western Canada:

Meridian Farms
P.O. Box 88
Okotoks, Alberta
Canada, T1S 1A4

Terry McIsaac
Okotoks, AB
Cell: (403) 606-1541
Email Meridian Farms


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